How to pay

Payment in full is required at the time of your appointment. You can pay by cash, EFTPOS, cheque, MasterCard or VISA.

After hours fees

Lower Hutt After Hours Medical Centre’s fees are different to our normal fees.

Doctor Consultation fees
Under 14No ChargeNo ChargeN/A
Junior (14 – 17)$49.00$60.00$13.00
Adult (18 – 64)$52.00$80.00$19.00
Senior (65+)$47.00$70.00$19.00

Casual patients can be seen by a Doctor at a rate of $105.00. Payment must be made prior to consultation.

Weekday: Monday – Friday (7:30am – 10:00pm*)
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday (All Day)
CSC (Community Services Card): Monday – Friday (7:30am – 10:00pm*)

All of our fees are for each GP consultation, regardless if it is a follow-up appointment for a recurring issue, or to discuss test results.

*unless accessing an acute appointment after 5.30pm, then weekend charges apply

ACC Consultation fees
WeekdayWeekendNurse (everyday)
Under 14No ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge
Junior (14 – 17)$49.00$60.00$35.00
Adult (18 – 64)$52.00$80.00$35.00
Senior (65+)$47.00$70.00$35.00

Minor Surgery fees
Surgery – 15mins$150.00
Surgery – 30mins$400.00
Surgery – 45mins$500.00
Surgery – 60mins$600.00
Prescriptions (without Consultation)
Scriptwith CSC
Travel – Consultation
Urgent (within 2 weeks of travel)$150.00

Vaccines additional charge and ‘Nurse – General Consultation’ fee may be required

Nurse – General Consultation
Consultationwith CSC
Under 14No ChargeN/A
Junior (14 – 17)$35.00$12.50
Adult (18+)$35.00$18.50
Doctor – Additional cONSULTATION Services
Employment Medical$300.00
E Consultfrom $25.00
Procedural Charge (eg skin tag)$40.00
IUD Insertion$150.00
Jadelle (insertion)$150.00
Jadelle (removal)$200.00
House Call$140.00 – $200.00
Forms$35.00 (may vary)
Joint injection (plus consult)$80.00

Spirometry may be free if eligible for funding

Nurse – CONSULTATION Services
Ear Syringe$60.00
Ear Syringe (after GP consultation on same day)$30.00
24 Hour Blood Pressure Machine$65.00*
Blood Pressure Machine (loan)$40
B12 Injection (own supply)$15.00
B12 Injection (Ropata supply)$20.00
ECG (casual)$120.00
Liquid Nitrogen$15.00*
House call – Nurse$80.00 – $100.00

*ADDITIONAL ‘Nurse – General Consultation’ also required

Please note: the fees displayed on this page only apply to Ropata Health, not any specialist services.
For more information on specialist service fees, please contact the specialist centre directly on 04 920 0870.