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Mole Map

Why? Because the earlier it’s found, the better.

Leave no spot unchecked with MoleMap.

Your skin is always changing. That’s why we combine our proven skin-mapping system with skin cancer expertise to track changes over time. It’s an effective way to detect melanoma early – when it’s most treatable.

We spot the spots that you might not.

Melanoma is fast-growing and the most life-threatening of all skin cancers. It’s also hard to detect with an untrained eye. Our proven skin-mapping system is designed to look deep inside a mole’s structure to detect any potential skin cancers that can’t be seen with visual checks.

Skin Check by MoleMap.

Your thorough skin cancer check.

Know you’re in the clear with a thorough, head-to-toe skin cancer check by a melanographer + any high risk moles or spots imaged to be diagnosed by a dermatologist.

Proven skin cancer detection technology.

Our technology looks deep inside a mole’s structure to detect any signs of melanoma and other skin cancers much earlier than visual checks.

Please note at Witako Specialists we are currently only offering the skin checks, not full body molemapping. Photos are only taken if there is something of suspicion.

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