Winter 2022

Dear Ropata Patients You will no doubt have heard in the news media that the local DHB has asked patients to think before attending the Emergency Department at the moment as they are overwhelmed because of staff sickness and increased number of patients. We fully support this stance and believe that General Practice should be […]

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Manage My Health online bookings

Manage My Health online bookings has now been switched back on for registered patients to book phone appointments with their GP. For All URGENT enquiries patients should continue to phone the practice. Register for ManageMyHealth. Login to ManageMyHealth

Software upgrade

We are upgrading the computer software that manages all patient records and interactions. This upgrade will provide us with updated data security and better methods of working. This is a big project and it will require us to be closed for a short period as we cannot update any patient information during the upgrade. We […]


咨询费 2021年10月4日起生效 (面对面和电话咨询) 星期一至星期五(上午7时30分至晚上10时*) 注册 社区卡 未注册 14岁以下 免费 免费 $110.00 少年 (14 – 17 岁) $54.00 $13.00 $110.00 成人 (18 – 64) $57.00 $19.00 $110.00 老年(65+) $52.00 $19.00 $110.00 *除非在下午5:30后获得紧急预约,否则周末收费适用。 社区服务卡折扣不适用于晚上、紧急和周末咨询。 临时病人应在咨询前付款。 星期六和星期日(全天)   注册 未注册  14岁以下 免费 $110.00 少年 (14 – 17 岁) $65.00 $110.00 成人 (18 或 64) $85.00 $110.00 高级 (65+) […]

Colorectal cancer | Family history is an important indicator

Knowing your detailed family medical history is an incredibly important part of doctors being able to identify your inherited cancer risk. As many as 1 in 3 people who develop colorectal cancer have other family members who have had it. What is colorectal cancer? Colorectal or bowel cancer is a cancer that affects the digestive […]

Staying active in aged residential care

Regular physical activity for older people is essential for optimal physical and mental health; specifically, a reduction of falls risk and injuries from falls, prevention or mitigation of functional limitations, and also as an effective therapy for many chronic diseases and decreases mortality risk. There is evidence that physical activity programmes can maintain or improve […]