Community Notice

Team Work, Makes The Dream Work

Just like you and your workplaces – covid has affected the Ropata Health Team and we have had to deal with staff who have covid themselves, staff caring for unwell family members and the usual illnesses that affect us as much as anyone else.

We have done our best to keep services running as smoothly as possible. At times we have had to make changes and we appreciate your patience when this has occurred.

To keep disruptions to a minimum there are a few things you could do to help us. So, make yourself a cuppa, grab a choc bikkie (we won’t tell) and have a read.


You know what we are going to say – eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep etc. We know you’re already doing all those things, but there are plenty of other ways to keep you and your whanau well.

1) Keep yourself up to date with your vaccinations – not just for covid but for influenza, shingles, and whooping cough to name but a few. If you can prevent yourself getting unwell, then that’s far better than having to take up a hospital bed. If you haven’t had your routine vaccinations, then pick up your phone and book them now!

2) Make sure that you are participating in any health screening you are eligible for – bowel screening, cervical screening and breast screening are 3 examples of this. Problems found early are problems that are easier to treat.

3) Protect Yourself (and others). While it may be tempting to drop the mask use – please don’t. Mask wearing is very effective at stopping the spread of respiratory illnesses like covid and influenza. Wear your mask at all indoor venues outside your home. Wash/sanitize your hands regularly and stay home if you are unwell.


Please wear a mask around us if you can – it’s only 15 minutes and we really appreciate it. If we become unwell, then so many people will miss out on the care we provide. We also don’t want to take home bugs to our whanau.

Please don’t conceal your symptoms for fear you won’t be given an appointment. You will not be refused care even if you have covid. The way we see you may be different, but rest assured we will still care for you.


If you’ve cut your finger off sawing firewood, then absolutely go to the emergency department or call 111…but if it’s just your haemorrhoids giving you strife then your GP is probably a good port of call.

Likewise, if you’ve got some itchy bites that are driving you mad then have a chat to your local pharmacist.

Your healthcare team isn’t just your GP/practice nurse – it’s your local pharmacist, dentist, Healthline, and your local hospital to name but a few. Like all good teams we need you to utilize the best person for the job. (Speaking of teams – we still love you All Blacks!)

If you’re not sure who to see or when – then call Healthline 0800 611 116 for advice or give our nurses a call and we will be happy to advise.


We are doing our best to keep waiting times to see your doctor reasonable. If you need an appointment for something like a driver’s medical, then please book this well in advance. If you leave it to the day before we simply won’t be able to accommodate you. Where you can please book with your own GP – they know you best and this makes your care as
efficient as possible. Doctors are offering a mix of in person and phone consults.


Ropata Health is one of the only local practices that provides extended acute/urgent appointment 7 days a week to registered patients. While you may not be able to see your own doctor you will be able to see a doctor if it’s deemed urgent. In order to provide this service, we do need to make sure that only urgent/acute problems are seen in these spaces so please be patient with this process. Urgent appointments may be traditional in person appointments or phone consultations


Please make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get these processed. Our doctors get hundreds of requests per week so allow up to 5 working days to get these done.
Please also be aware that for some medications we are required to consult with you at certain intervals. If you’re asked to book an appointment, please comply with this, it’s for your safety.


Wanting to let your GP know the tablets did/didn’t work? Not sure if you need to be seen or not? You can use Manage My Health to contact us. A lot of simple questions can be answered this way and means the phone lines aren’t jammed constantly. Not signed up to or know what Manage My Health is? Contact us and we will talk you through it.
Please be aware that that our teams receive a large number of messages and emails daily that are often answered after hours. If your enquiry is complicated, you may be asked to make an appointment to discuss or charged a consult fee.

Emails/MMH messages should not be used for urgent matters.

Lastly……..and perhaps most importantly – BE KIND

None of us ever thought we would be providing health care in a global pandemic and we are doing the very best we can in very trying circumstances.

Things that affect your daily life – your own illness, your family’s illness, schools being closed – they happen to us too and we do our best to not let this affect our working lives.

Every single one of our staff come to work each day determined to do their best for you – often working hours overtime or leaving their own families to serve yours.

Please remember that we are human, and a kind word and some understanding can turn a bad day into a good one (chocolate cake also works, just saying).


If you believe your own or somebody else’s life is in danger, call 111 immediately. The information above is not meant to replace individual health care advice from a medical professional. Always seek health care if you need it.