Christmas opening hours

Over the festive season we will be operating with fewer doctors. Some of them will be off spending some much needed time with their families. Therefore, there will be appointments available but you may not be able to see your normal doctor.

When we are not open Lower Hutt After Hours will be covering for us.

Lower Hutt After Hours are located at 729 High Street Lower Hutt and can be contacted on 04 567 5345.

Friday 22nd December7am – 10pm
Saturday 23rd December8am – 6pm
Sunday 24th DecemberCLOSED
Monday 25th DecemberCLOSED
Tuesday 26th DecemberCLOSED
Wednesday 27th December7am – 10pm
Thursday 28th December7am – 10pm
Friday 29th December7am – 10pm
Saturday 30th December8am – 6pm
Sunday 31st December9am – 6pm
Monday 1st JanuaryCLOSED
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryCLOSED
Wednesday 3rd January7am – 10pm
Monday 22nd JanuaryCLOSED