Fees Increase Notification

Due to constant financial pressure, we will be increasing the fees you have to pay to see a doctor and access other services at Ropata Health.

From Monday 3 July the following will apply:

Age group0-56-1314-1718-2425-4445-6465+
Current fees$0$0$55$58$58$58$53
New fee$0$0$61$63$63$63$60

We need to increase our fees due to the continuing rise in inflation and our rising costs. We have seen substantial increases in medical supplies, postage, power, wages, stationary, computer costs, compliance, rent, rates, and maintenance to name a few items.

We have not seen an increase in the funding provided by the government and Te Whatu Ora that comes anywhere near matching the inflation rate.

This is very disappointing for the wider health sector. We can only draw the conclusion that a “customer pays” system is their desired outcome. We continue to lobby Te Whatu Ora for a total review of the funding methods for Primary Care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to discuss costs and if that is a barrier for you accessing the care you need.