Giving Tree 2024

As the holiday season approaches, Ropata Health is excited to launch our annual Giving Tree event. This year, we are proud to support two remarkable local charity organizations: Bellyful and HUHA.

Bellyful is dedicated to assisting whanau with new babies or young children who lack a support network. Volunteers prepare and deliver frozen meals for three nights, ensuring that families in need receive nourishing support during a critical time. To contribute, consider donating specific items for their monthly cookathon, such as Dolmio Pasta Sauce, Diamond Macaroni, and San Remo Lasagne sheets. Alternatively, a pantry plumper with microwave rice packets, spaghetti, and long-lasting sweet treats like chocolate can make a significant impact.

In parallel, HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) stands as New Zealand’s leading no-kill animal shelter. Committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming domestic and wild animals, HUHA relies on community support. Show your care by contributing pet supplies, including food, bedding, and toys.

The Giving Tree, adorned with Bellyful and HUHA tags, will be stationed between the check-in kiosk and the caregiver’s room from November 22nd. Select a tag, and help make a difference by placing your donated items under the tree by December 15th.

Let’s come together and spread the holiday spirit by supporting these wonderful causes.