Hi, How are you?

‘yeah I’m good thanks, you?”

‘yeah not too bad’.

Sound familiar? I bet it does, because it’s a conversation that takes place multiple times a day, in workplaces, gyms, shops – pretty much anywhere. Often uttered while both parties keep moving busily, not even pausing to hear the answer because we know what it will be. What it’s expected to

How are you? It’s almost become a rhetorical question. A question where an honest answer is not permitted. Where anything more than the standard ‘I’m good’ would be seen as odd. Where anything other than ‘not too shabby’ or some other iteration is considered socially unacceptable.

When was the last time you asked someone ‘How are you?’ and then waited for a reply?

With all that is happening around the motu right now we need to take the time to ask people ‘How are you?’ but we also need to stop and listen to the reply. Really listen.

So I challenge you to not only ask the people around you ‘How are you?’, but to wait for a reply and make it ok for them to not be ok.

If you’re not feeling ok – please reach out to someone you trust, your healthcare providers or text/call 1737 for 24/7 support.