Immunisation schedule change | MMR

There has been a change to the Immunisation Schedule for MMR which means we will be contacting some patients for an extra immunisation.

You will be contacted if this is relevant for your child.

Frequently asked questions

Why has an extra visit been introduced at 12months?

Introducing a 12 month visit allows earlier administration of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR). This offers early protection against measles with optimum protection offered by administering the second dose at 15months.

How should these changes be implemented for children aged 12 months to 4 years of age?

12 month old – Ropata will invite 12-14 month old and administer MMR dose 1 & PCV10 (pneumococcal vaccine)
15 month old -administer scheduled imms and then recall 4 weeks later to administer MMR dose 2
15 months – 3 years who has had their 15month imms Ropata will invite for MMR dose 2
4 years old -administer scheduled imms

Will shifting 4 year MMR vaccination to 15months have an effect on protection as an adult?

MMR is a live vaccine and as such the bodies immunological response is similar to that of a wild disease. This means although levels of vaccine induced antibodies may decrease over time the MMR vaccine also induces Memory-B cells that can produce circulating antibodies when required that are quicker than the measles, mumps or rubella viruses take to incubate and cause disease.

Can we routinely give infants under 12months MMR vaccine?

No. this can only be done through recommendation by Medical officer of health. Any infants that do get MMR prior to 12months will still require two doses of MMR vaccine from 12 months old.

Should older children who have missed one or both doses of MMR vaccine still have the vaccine.

Yes. Two documented doses of MMR are recommended for all persons born after 1968.

Do people who have been vaccinated overseas with measles only vaccine still need MMR vaccination?

Yes. Two doses of the MMR are recommended irrespective of previous measles only vaccination
to catch up protection for Mumps.

Do children who have had measles still need MMR vaccine?

Yes. Two doses of MMR vaccine are recommended to protect the child from Mumps and Rubella

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