Third Covid-19 Vaccination For Immunocompromised Patients

We have been given permission by the Ministry of Health(MOH) to administer a third Covid 19 Vaccination for some patients who are immunocompromised. The guidelines issue by the MOH are very detailed and complex and will not cover everyone within this category.

As an organisation we are currently looking at all patients who may fall in the group and assessing them against the MOH criteria. This process started today Monday 1 November. Each patient that qualifies for a vaccine will be contacted by one of the Ropata staff to arrange a time for a free consultation with their doctor to discuss the vaccination and complete the necessary paperwork. The vaccination will be administered by one of the vaccination team after the consultation.

If you believe you qualify for a third vaccination please feel free to email Adrian Tucker, Practice Manager giving your details.

This is a complex process that will take time for us to complete.